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Zero Emission Takeaways from Pinche Pinche

Pinche Pinche will soon be making local takeaway deliveries by ebike. Thanks to support from City Connect, we’re able to invest in 3 ebikes to deliver our takeaways within a 2km radius of our premises.

Ebikes are the same as standard bikes but they also have a motor to help the rider: our bikes will have a maximum speed of 15.5mph and are super fun to ride.

West Yorkshire aims to be a net zero carbon economy by 2038: to achieve this we need to reduce car trips by 21%, increase walking trips by 78% and increase cycling trips by 2000% – yes, you read that correctly!!

Happiness is…….

Just over half of our deliveries are within a 2km radius so by switching to ebikes for these journeys, we are cutting down our reliance on cars and reducing our business carbon emissions. This is a win for us as a business because not only are ebikes cheap to run but our staff also get the amazing health benefits from riding a bike. It is also a win for the local community because we are doing our bit to improve the quality of air in Chapel Allerton.

City Connect is funded by the Government, distributing ring fenced money to projects around West Yorkshire that encourage people to travel by bike.

Want to join our cycling team?

Know anyone who might want to join our cycling team and ride our ebikes? You’ll be directly employed by us and you’ll need a good level of fitness. We’d also love to hear from riders with their own bikes, electric or not. It’s a great way to get out and about in the local community and boosts wellbeing too. For more information, get in touch with us directly – pop in, phone 01132681110 or email at (over 18s only due to insurance).


Have fun together with our Cocktail Kits

When was the last time you had a really good night out? Or had something to look forward to? That was the question a friend asked me just before lockdown 3 started.  And this was how our latest Cocktail Kits were born.  While we can’t offer you a night out for now, we can help you and your friends have a fun night in, together.

Our kits include everything you need to make 4 delicious cocktails.  And it’s a special experience, from unwrapping the kit itself, in its colourful sleeve and reusable box, to discovering the spirits, liqueurs and juices inside, presented in cute little glass bottles with handwritten labels.

Cocktails within your bubble

The kits are perfect if you’re lucky enough to be spending lockdown with a friend or partner at home.  We’ll email you a link to our easy video instructions, which you can watch as you please, between episodes of your favourite programme or maybe dinner courses…..

Zoom cocktails with friends

The cocktail kits also work really well for zoom parties.  We can live host these parties for you, taking you through each cocktail.  Alternatively,  you can host your own party and screen share the video instructions throughout the party.  The videos are short and simple leaving lots of time to party.  We can also suggest easy ways to listen to music as a group, to boost the feeling of being connected to each other, wherever you might be.

Party nibbles

We can also offer party nibbles from the Pinche Pinche menu, such as salsa and tortilla chips, guacamole, nachos….

Which cocktails are included?

The standard cocktail kit includes ingredients for the following cocktails

Royal Mojito – a light and refreshing, Rum based Cuban cocktail, topped up with Prosecco. 

Gin Swizzle – a type of cocktail from the Caribbean with the ever popular Gin as a base

Margarita – made with Tequila, the spirit of Mexico, and orange liqueur

Jalisco Espresso – a twist on the popular coffee laced Espresso Martini, using Tequila instead of Vodka

As part of the session, you’ll learn some cocktail making techniques such as muddling, churning, salting a glass and the ‘hard shake’.

All you will need to bring are just need a few utensils from your kitchen, and some crushed and cubed ice.  Oh, and your party head, of course!

How to get a kit

Order your kits here.  For more information or to book a live hosted party, please call us on 0113 268 1110.


The Margarita Cocktail

It is a fact that the Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Not only does it appear on the official, limited selection of ‘must know’ cocktails for bartenders worldwide. It even has a special day to celebrate its greatness – 22 February is National Margarita Day in the USA. But what do we know about this refreshing concoction?  Where is it from? How do you make it?  Lets dig a little deeper…..

Perhaps the most well-known Margarita is the ‘Straight Up’.  This is served in a coupe glass without ice and with a salt rim.  The beautiful glass, colour of the liquid and striking rim give this version of the cocktail great visual appeal.  There are, however, many, many variants of the cocktail.   

The Margarita cocktail seems to have first appeared in America as a ‘Tequila Daisy’ in the 1930s.  It is not known for sure how the Margarita got its name but margarita does translate from Spanish as ‘daisy’. According to reports at the time, Daisy cocktails could be found in all the bars.  Daisies were a popular group of cocktails dating back to the Victorian age.  Cocktails belonging to the Daisy family are simple but tasty and consist of a base spirit, a liqueur for sweetness and citrus – this is the Straight Up Margarita recipe. 

By 1953, the cocktail was referenced as a Margarita for the first time in a magazine.  However, in 1939 there is mention in Britain of a cocktail called a ‘Picador’, which has the same recipe as a Margarita: so it could be that someone from these shores took the drink over to the states where it was renamed…..

Margaritas can also fit into the ‘Sours’ family of cocktails (some say Daisies are a subset of Sours).  Sours are similar to Daisies in terms of mixing a spirit, citrus and a sweetener but there is more flexibility in terms of substituting and adding to those ingredients.  A variety of base spirits can be used such as whiskey, rum or gin; even liqueur as in an Amaretto Sour.  The citrus can also be lemon, the sweetener sugar, honey or agave. Bitters or spice can be added, as could egg white for foam.  Examples of a Sour cocktail include a Bramble, a Cosmopolitan, a Daiquiri, and a Corpse Reviver. 

The standard ratio of the ingredients in Daisy or a Sour is usually 2 spirit:1 citrus:1 sweetener.  The Margarita broadly follows this formula too.  Once you have learnt how to make a Sour or a Daisy, this opens the door to knowing where to start with a huge number of other delicious cocktails.  And by sticking to the ratios to keep the balance of flavour, you’ll be able to indulge in quite a bit of experimentation too. 

Straight Up Margarita

A Straight Up Margarita consists of Tequila, orange liqueur and limes.  The orange liqueur provides the sweetness.  Orange liqueur is also known as Triple Sec and a leading brand is Cointreau. It is essential that for whatever variant of the Margarita you are mixing, or for that matter any cocktail, it is essential freshly squeezed fruit is used.  The difference in flavour is immediately noticeable and superior. Stay away from the dreaded Margarita mix! The best bartenders recommend Persian limes, which are lovely and juicy.   I personally prefer to add a touch of agave to balance the flavours in  a Straight Up, otherwise I find it a little too sour for my liking.  I also tend to only salt half of the glass rim for decoration: I would rather taste the cocktail than a mouthful of salt but maybe that’s just me!  Salt the rim by rubbing a wedge of lime around the area of the rim you want the salt to stick to.

Tommy’s Margarita

A Tommy’s Margarita is the same as a Straight Up but the orange liqueur is substituted with agave syrup and it is served over ice in a rocks glass.  The variant was created by Julio Bermejo back in the late ‘80s.  Julio is a world renown Tequila expert and owner of the legendary restaurant, ‘Tommy’s’, in San Francisco, which features the largest selection of Tequilas outside of Mexico.  This Margarita version is sweeter than the Straight Up and with the addition of agave syrup, showcases the flavour of agave – the plant that Tequila is made from.  The ingredient ratios are slightly altered for a Tommy’s to 2 Tequila: 1 lime: ½ agave.  You can have a go at making a Tommy’s with our cocktail kit.

The Tequila you use in a Margarita is obviously very important.  There’s a lot to say about Tequila, which I’ll cover in another post but the essential point to make here is that it must be made from 100% blue agave.  If it is also artisanal Tequila, then even better.  Artisanal Tequilas tend to be produced by the older Tequila making families in Mexico, using traditional methods with care taken over the growing and selection of agave, fermentation and distillation, aging and bottling.  As the spirit becomes better understood, there is growing respect for the history and process involved in producing a good bottle of Tequila.

Picture showing nachos made at Pinche Pinche and a bottle of San Miguel Food

Meal Deals at Pinche Pinche

Dinner this week need not be a big decision with our Meal Deals. We know that many people are looking for good quality food at a reasonable price so we’ve put together the following offer:

Picture showing meal deal options of wings, nachos or hummus with burritos

Meal Deals for One or Two People

Buy one or two burritos or rice boxes and get a FREE starter – choose one of these delicious dishes

  • Nachos (gf)(v)
  • Vegan Nachos (gf)(v)(ve)
  • Black Bean Hummus and tortilla chips (gf)(v)(ve)
  • Chicken wings and salsa (gf)

How to order

Both deals are for takeaway only and are currently available Sunday to Thursday: Pinche Pinche do reserve the right to withdraw our offers at anytime. You can place your order at any time for collection or delivery when we are open – 4.30pm-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 1pm-8pm on Sundays. We have a team of drivers waiting to deliver your order for a small £2 fee. This offer is only available on our website.

Picture showing mirco herb salad News

‘Hasta pronto’, not ‘adios!’

We have taken the tough decision to close the restaurant again: this is a temporary measure and we intend to reopen in the not too distant future.

Over the past weeks, we have been adapting our restaurant processes as best as we can to the demands of a takeaway business. We’ve come to realise, however, that more substantial changes are going to be needed in order to make it work efficiently for both our staff and our customers. Our aim, as always, is to bring you tasty Mexican food on time and with great service.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this time, everyone who has ordered, sent warm wishes and big grins through the window! We’ll keep you all updated here and on our social media pages, and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Picture showing takeaway packaging used at Pinche Pinche News

Sustainable Packaging

Moving from a dine-in restaurant to a takeaway means we have been focusing a lot on our packaging lately. We have always tried to be as sustainable as we can, and for some time, we have recycled our cardboard, glass and food waste as a matter of course. However, the amount of waste packaging we produce as a takeaway inevitably increases with our sales. We want to use packaging that you can get rid of easily, responsibly and ultimately without adding to landfill.

Some of the packaging we use can be recycled, which means they can go straight into your green recycling bin – just make sure they are clean, dry and don’t have food on them. Our brown paper bags fall into this category.

We also use biodegradable and compostable packaging. While Leeds City Council does not offer a composting service, they do encourage residents to compost at home where possible. Leeds City Council has even teamed up with a compost bin supplier to offer the bins at a 35% discount to Leeds city residents. Find out more about this scheme here

Our brown food boxes are made by Vegware, a company specialising in products made from plants using renewable, recycled or reclaimed materials. After use, the boxes are designed to be composted with food waste. These boxes do not have a plastic lining inside as is often the case with a lot of takeaway boxes.

Picture showing a takeaway box

Our white boxes are made from a material called ‘bagasse’, which is the plant fibre that’s left after the juice has been extracted from sugar canes. Bagasse boxes take about 90 days to biodegrade and they are also compostable.

Unfortunately, there is still some plastic in our packaging. This isn’t ideal because although it’s PET plastic, which can be recycled a few times, it will still inevitably end up in landfill. For now, PET plastic can be cleaned and put straight into your green recycling bin. This is the case with our small salsa pots and our single serve cocktail cups. We are still looking for a suitable alternative to our plastic pots and on the plus side, later this week, we’ll be switching to glass bottles for our larger sized cocktails.

There are still many things we can do to be more sustainable. What is clear is that it’s up to all of us, businesses like ours and individuals alike, to change our habits and really make a difference.

Picture showing pork carnitas tacos Food

Taco Kits

We’re really excited about our new Taco Kits, launched today! Choose from Mojo Steak, Marinated Chicken or vegan Cauliflower and Courgette. This is a complete meal for 2 people, which as well as one of the 3 main fillings, includes:

Picture showing elements of a steak taco kit
Tortillas, mojo steak, salsa negra, onion and coriander
  • 10 corn tortillas
  • Onion and coriander
  • Salsa negra
  • Salsa verde
  • Salsa macha
  • Lime
  • Mexican rice
  • Mexican beans

Did you know we make all our salsas from scratch? Yep, they’re all made by hand to achieve different flavours and heat. Our salsa negra is made with Chipotle chiles and molasses for a hot and sweet flavour. Our salsa verde is also made with Chipotle chiles but with the addition of tomatillos to give it milder heat and a zestier flavour. Salsa macha is our spiciest and made with arbol and habanero chiles for all you hotheads out there!

All our tacos are gluten free. This is partly due to the fact that we use corn rather than flour tortillas, as is the case in Mexico. Leaning even further towards authenticity, we use nixtamal corn tortillas, which give the tacos a richer flavour, and because of the way they are made, are more nutritious.

We’d recommend our guacamole and micro-herb salad as great accompaniments to the the taco kits.

Order your taco kit here