Picture showing nachos made at Pinche Pinche and a bottle of San Miguel

Meal Deals at Pinche Pinche

Dinner this week need not be a big decision with our Meal Deals. We know that many people are looking for good quality food at a reasonable price so we’ve put together the following offer:

Picture showing meal deal options of wings, nachos or hummus with burritos

Meal Deals for One or Two People

Buy one or two burritos or rice boxes and get a FREE starter – choose one of these delicious dishes

  • Nachos (gf)(v)
  • Vegan Nachos (gf)(v)(ve)
  • Black Bean Hummus and tortilla chips (gf)(v)(ve)
  • Chicken wings and salsa (gf)

How to order

Both deals are for takeaway only and are currently available Sunday to Thursday: Pinche Pinche do reserve the right to withdraw our offers at anytime. You can place your order at any time for collection or delivery when we are open – 4.30pm-9pm Monday to Saturday, and 1pm-8pm on Sundays. We have a team of drivers waiting to deliver your order for a small £2 fee. This offer is only available on our website.

Picture showing mirco herb salad

‘Hasta pronto’, not ‘adios!’

We have taken the tough decision to close the restaurant again: this is a temporary measure and we intend to reopen in the not too distant future.

Over the past weeks, we have been adapting our restaurant processes as best as we can to the demands of a takeaway business. We’ve come to realise, however, that more substantial changes are going to be needed in order to make it work efficiently for both our staff and our customers. Our aim, as always, is to bring you tasty Mexican food on time and with great service.

We want to thank everyone for their support during this time, everyone who has ordered, sent warm wishes and big grins through the window! We’ll keep you all updated here and on our social media pages, and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Picture showing takeaway packaging used at Pinche Pinche

Sustainable Packaging

Moving from a dine-in restaurant to a takeaway means we have been focusing a lot on our packaging lately. We have always tried to be as sustainable as we can, and for some time, we have recycled our cardboard, glass and food waste as a matter of course. However, the amount of waste packaging we produce as a takeaway inevitably increases with our sales. We want to use packaging that you can get rid of easily, responsibly and ultimately without adding to landfill.

Some of the packaging we use can be recycled, which means they can go straight into your green recycling bin – just make sure they are clean, dry and don’t have food on them. Our brown paper bags fall into this category.

We also use biodegradable and compostable packaging. While Leeds City Council does not offer a composting service, they do encourage residents to compost at home where possible. Leeds City Council has even teamed up with a compost bin supplier to offer the bins at a 35% discount to Leeds city residents. Find out more about this scheme here

Our brown food boxes are made by Vegware, a company specialising in products made from plants using renewable, recycled or reclaimed materials. After use, the boxes are designed to be composted with food waste. These boxes do not have a plastic lining inside as is often the case with a lot of takeaway boxes.

Picture showing a takeaway box

Our white boxes are made from a material called ‘bagasse’, which is the plant fibre that’s left after the juice has been extracted from sugar canes. Bagasse boxes take about 90 days to biodegrade and they are also compostable.

Unfortunately, there is still some plastic in our packaging. This isn’t ideal because although it’s PET plastic, which can be recycled a few times, it will still inevitably end up in landfill. For now, PET plastic can be cleaned and put straight into your green recycling bin. This is the case with our small salsa pots and our single serve cocktail cups. We are still looking for a suitable alternative to our plastic pots and on the plus side, later this week, we’ll be switching to glass bottles for our larger sized cocktails.

There are still many things we can do to be more sustainable. What is clear is that it’s up to all of us, businesses like ours and individuals alike, to change our habits and really make a difference.

Picture showing pork carnitas tacos

Taco Kits

We’re really excited about our new Taco Kits, launched today! Choose from Mojo Steak, Marinated Chicken or vegan Cauliflower and Courgette. This is a complete meal for 2 people, which as well as one of the 3 main fillings, includes:

Picture showing elements of a steak taco kit
Tortillas, mojo steak, salsa negra, onion and coriander
  • 10 corn tortillas
  • Onion and coriander
  • Salsa negra
  • Salsa verde
  • Salsa macha
  • Lime
  • Mexican rice
  • Mexican beans

Did you know we make all our salsas from scratch? Yep, they’re all made by hand to achieve different flavours and heat. Our salsa negra is made with Chipotle chiles and molasses for a hot and sweet flavour. Our salsa verde is also made with Chipotle chiles but with the addition of tomatillos to give it milder heat and a zestier flavour. Salsa macha is our spiciest and made with arbol and habanero chiles for all you hotheads out there!

All our tacos are gluten free. This is partly due to the fact that we use corn rather than flour tortillas, as is the case in Mexico. Leaning even further towards authenticity, we use nixtamal corn tortillas, which give the tacos a richer flavour, and because of the way they are made, are more nutritious.

We’d recommend our guacamole and micro-herb salad as great accompaniments to the the taco kits.

Order your taco kit here